4×4 Mitsubishi Delica – Our Flagship

Outfitted with 4-wheel drive and the powerful engine of a Montero while also providing the space and luxury of a van. The Delica is the perfect lovechild of both rugged adventure and luxurious accommodation. In its standard form, the van can fit up to eight travelers comfortably, but to allow you the luxury of a traveling home, we’ve outfitted our flagship van with amenities such as; 2pax bed, refrigerator, portable stove, and a fold-out canopy.

Hit the Road !

Please contact us for availability and pricing: +886.928.715.965 or vanlifetw@gmail.com

All Terrain (across rivers, beaches, and over mountains)

The engine and 4-wheel drive will allow you to traverse most any terrain that stands between you and your destination. Built with the world-famous integrity of Japanese mechanics, you can rest assured our van will take you wherever you plan to go without any hassle. However, even in the unlikely event that something should go awry with the vehicle, parts and mechanics familiar with the model are common all over the island, and we here at VanLife will be on-call to help take care of it, so that you can get back on the open road and continue your adventure on this beautiful tropical island.