Mountains, Beaches, Metropolises, and the Open Road

Whatever adventure you seek, wherever your wanderlust may lead you – Taiwan most certainly has it. A land of both urban and outdoor adventure, it’s home to one of the richest, friendliest, and safest cultures in the world, and by far, the best way to experience all that Taiwan has to offer- is on your own terms via: VanLife.

Like most everything in Taiwan, the VanLife is simple: just you and the open road is the most convenient ways to travel while offering the freedom to dictate every aspect of your experience. Taiwan’s roadways are set up so that even a cyclist can circumnavigate the island if they so choose. If camping is your thing, an array of campsites dot the island. If you want to dodge a campsite fee, you can park just about anywhere you want- for that ocean or mountain view. If camping in the traditional style isn’t what you had in mind, there are many campsites around the island that offer amenities such as electricity, bathrooms, showers, and sometimes even Wi-Fi at a very low cost. There are even short-stay motels ranging from the big amenity-laden chains, to smaller family-owned operations where travelers can rent a room on a shoe-string budget. The latter is generally recommended as you’ll be able to experience first-hand the world-famous hospitality and generosity of the Taiwanese people. Lastly, you even have the option to use the van, itself, as home base as it is equipped amenities such as a bed, refrigerator, portable stove, etc. Just, pull over into one of the many parking areas off the roadway, and rest for the day or night whenever you want. It’s really that simple.

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Experience the Heart of Asia on your Terms

Although Taiwan does provides buses, trains, and a hi-tech High Speed Rail to take you to the major points of interest, these options cannot provide the flexibility that renting a van has to offer. These transportation methods only take you so far and from there you’re forced to figure out how to make it to exactly where you want to go. Additionally, the language barrier can be an issue the further you get from Taipei. Trying to decipher the price, timetable, and destinations of these transportation methods can become a nightmare if you aren’t equipped with the necessary Chinese skills or a guide who does. More often than not you have to use a combination of these transportation options which only compounds the difficulty, and again, you still likely won’t end up exactly where you want to go.As an added bonus, VanLife Taiwan offers an on-call translation service. Wherever you are on the island, whatever issues you run into, simply call us and we will walk you through how to handle it. So, why pick the hassle and restrictions when a simpler option exists providing all the freedom you could want? Choose Taiwan to satisfy your wanderlust, and choose VanLife to make it happen.

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